When trying to quit using tobacco, the inventor of Hooch Snuff tried all the herbal snuff products on the market. They just didn't feel right, so he started looking for other ingredients that could be used to provide the same feel, taste and texture as the real tobacco products.  He spent two years perfecting the recipe and process to provide the best tobacco free, nicotine free snuff on the market.  The end result is Hooch Snuff.
  • It isn't sticky or gritty like other herbal snuff products on the market.
  • It packs better in the mouth than all the other herbal snuff products.
  • It is soft and doesn't have hard clumps to aggrevate your gums.
  • And best of all it doesn't contain tobacco or nicotine, so there are no adverse health risks.
So try some Hooch Snuff today.
We are so sure that you will like it,
we offer a full refund if you are not satisfied.
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